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Red Epic now available

Times like these make it awfully difficult to sleep at night…

red epic

James Drake Films is proud to offer the Red Epic-M camera system. This camera is an unbeatable tool to craft and create your vision at the highest quality.

Simply put, the Epic captures 14 megapixel frames in raw format. Much like shooting your [favorite brand] DSLR, but in video form. And in high speed. The Epic can shoot 96 FPS at full 5K quality or a staggering 300 FPS at 2K quality.

It’s small and can be configured to lightweight setups, has 13.5 stops of latitude in regular shooting (up to 18 in HDR), and has the incredible REDCODE compression technology that makes shooting RAW video feasible. The Epic is the most advanced camera system in the world (in my opinion).

Better yet, Red Digital Cinema is famous for improving the functionality of their cameras over time. With their previous camera, the Red One, it took a while to mature but the camera now, with many free upgrades, is a workhorse around the globe on commercial, narrative, and documentary gigs. I’m excited to see what new developments come to the Epic over the next few months!

This camera looks REALLY good out of the box (with a touch of minor color correction for contrast). Red has developed “redcolor2” and “redgamma2” as a color/gamma combination that looks fantastic. Unlike the DSLR cameras (which I still love for other reasons), the Epic has UNREAL detail in the shadows and rolls off the highlights brilliantly. I can’t say enough about the image quality. A very famous Hollywood DP just recently said the Epic captured “the best images he’s ever shot”.

Just a few years ago, it would take a large crew and a ton of gear to achieve quality at this level. We can now go out and shoot the BEST of the best with a camera system that fits on the back of a sedan.

Let’s go shoot something brilliant. In the meantime, here’s a slow motion dog video (there’s a tradition of shooting your family with these Red cameras…):

The Red Epic camera is available for rent at 5kinsight.com

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