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Gopro Hero 3 Review: Comparing with Hero 1 and 2


Below are frame grabs from the video for a closer look. Click on the images for 1080p versions.

Color and Look of Hero Cameras:


A Look at Protune

Gopro Wifi App


Hero 3 Field of View Options



Low Light

A very special thank you to:

Henry McComas crookedlp.com
Kody Zenger kodyzenger.com
Brook Aitken brookaitken.com
CFVA cfva.com



5 Responses to "Gopro Hero 3 Review: Comparing with Hero 1 and 2"

  1. Michael:

    James – Nice review.  I have the GoPro HD 1 and the new Hero 3 Black.  Amazing cameras.  I would love to know how you import the footage into Premiere Pro.  I can’t quite figure it out… I assume the ‘New Project’ opening screen is set to HDV instead of DV.  In the ‘New Sequence’ screen, what is the best setting to use -whether you use only GoPro footage or intermix with DSLR footage.  Thanks!

    • Hey Michael,
      Generally I’m not using the GoPro as an “A” camera, but rather as B or C camera, so my sequence settings generally don’t have to match the Gopro footage. For the Hero 3, the camera technically uses an H.264 codec, but I’ve found that most systems have a harder time with GoPro footage than they do with a typical DSLR with H.264. Usually I’ll just batch render the GoPro footage into something easy to work with like Prores (if on Mac). That will keep my CPU working on the edit… instead of decoding GoPro footage 🙂

  2. thanks for the nice sharing

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