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The Red Epic package includes plenty of media, power, and everything needed to shoot anything, anywhere. Scroll down for more lenses and more gear!

c100 package

The C100 package is an amazing setup to do small crew, fast shooting realtime environments. With incredible low light and great color in camera, this camera is an invaluable tool!

Drone and Aerial Video

denver drone aerial video package

We are proud to offer our drone aerial video services, ready to take capture from the sky!


production support

Our production support package comes with everything you need on set, from camera packages to grip gear, to audio packages, all delivered in our 2 ton grip truck to wherever you need us to be.

Grip Truck


In addition to the above listings, we have many accessories and production goods to help create a top quality production on any scale. We also have relationships with many rental houses and can get anything you need for your production in little to no time.

Contact us today for details!