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Feel The Burn Across America

It begins on the coast of California, finally ending on the East coast in Georgia.
2605 miles.
10 states.
Zach Crees is a burn tech and surgical assistant inspired by stories like Don’s and will ride his bike across the US to raise funding and awareness for burn survivors starting July 2011.

This video features Don Keller, a triumphant survivor of a fire that has found inspiration through cycling.

You can give to the Burn Unit by visiting this link

Shot on the Canon 5D Mark II with Technicolor’s Cinestyle picture profile.

4 Responses to "Feel The Burn Across America"

  1. Paul:

    Better late than never getting to this, right? Nice work all around. Interviews looked great, graphics were well done and the cinematography when he got on the bike and started to ride was inspired and hooked the viewer in to the feeling of being with him in his struggle. Amazing story, glad it can be told.

  2. Karol:

    love it. I just rode 70+ miles with the LiveStrong foundation in honor of my mentor ‘Spyder’, he died of cancer after just a 4 month battle. A lot of people have found hope and a way to deal with trauma via cycling. It’s an amazing thing. Great Job! 

    • James:

      That’s very cool. I think there’s a lot of untapped potential here… The recovery angle on bicycling has quite a bit to it. I’d love to get into more depth with a guy like Don from the video. Thanks for watching,

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