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Mortgage Cadence – HR Recruitment Corporate Video

denver video production corporate video

The awesome team at Mortage Cadence hired us as their local Denver Video Production company to create a recruiting HR corporate video for them as they expand their business rapidly and need a lot of great new talent! We were privileged at the opportunity, but knowing that collecting interviews from many of their executive team, some of who are based around the US, would be a tricky endeavor with their busy schedules and traveling, we decided to shoot the video during their annual Ascent conference, hosted at the beautiful Broadmoor hotel in Colorado Springs!

At the end of the event, we had captured over 20 key interviews and 10+ hours of content which allowed us to stitch together a powerful picture of the company and their personality, a competitive and fun work environment to be sure!

Continuing projects

This was our second overall project with them, our first was a series of videos they hired us to create to introduce executive members of the team at the conference. We were pleased that they hired us a second time in such a short period and they had a number of nice things to say! Sarah, the lead of their marketing team said,

Here’s a look at one of the intros we shot (of a total of 8)

Here’s one other video from the series:

We’ll show off the other 6 intros in a different post.

A great place to see the video work

The conference itself had a lot of really great technology with a gigantic video wall as sandwiched between two projector screens. Having the videos play across all three with a booming sound system definitely left an impression with the audience. In fact, in the reviews of what people liked about the conference, in an unprompted response one of the top answers was “the video introductions”. We’re proud of that. We put our best foot forward on the video intros and it paid off!

broadmoor event center

We will continue working with them on a few more video projects and look forward to many new and exciting projects.


2016 Commercial Reel – Videos for Your Business

denver video reel

We love to publish short snippets of our work crammed together into short videos. We want to provide a small glimpse at some of the work we do in the video world. This is our 2016 commercial reel captured all over the United States. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Over the course of the year, we’re reminded that we’re privileged to work with a variety of businesses big and small, in Denver and across the United States, and that those businesses trust us with their brands, ideas, and resources to make amazing happen. We’ve had a great history of successes this far including securing some major clients for one of our most active clients, and want to continue that upward trajectory for the rest of this year and certainly into the next.

Ultimately, we believe that video should not only be beautiful, captivating, and convey a clear message, but it should also be strategic, effective

We appreciate your viewership and hope that you enjoy watching this reel as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

Grip Truck and Production Equipment

grip truck denver

grip truck denver

We never cease looking for the best equipment to create top quality productions. It’s how we function because our bottom line is this: Provide the absolute best for those that trust us to create for them.

Production is dynamic.

Every project is different, so we’ve learned to be agile. Having the tools isn’t as good as having the right tools. We’ve encountered many situations where a curve ball was thrown into the production last minute by some unforeseen circumstance and we had to call an audible. Over the 1000’s of productions we’ve worked, we’re confident that we can deliver every time regardless of any changes. Of course we like things to be ironed out well ahead of time for smooth sailing. But even when life happens amidst a shoot, we’re ready to make amazing video products for you no matter what.

Production is…call it focused.

Achieving excellent results takes a lot of hard work, thought, and planning. These are all important factors that we never want to relent on, and we are revisiting our efficiencies and management on a monthly basis to see how we can create more value for our clients. This endless pursuit of perfection is what drives us to be the best production company for you. When you hire us, you can trust that you’re standing on the shoulders of experience matched with a championing attitude.

Production is… Ready in our Grip Truck

The change in the video industry in the past decade has been astounding. It has opened doors for some amazing opportunities for technology to become accessible on every level. We take full advantage of this and have packed our grip truck full of diverse but thoughtful production equipment that has proven to be what we need on every shoot. The equipment ranges. On the big side, there is of course lighting, two 1200 HMIs, fresnel and par, as well a 400w PAR HMI with a Chimera soft box, a daylight package suited to pack a punch, but incredibly fast and usable on household circuits. We also have kinos, a tungsten package, and of course a wide variety of LEDs, all of which can be set up within minutes. On the smaller side, we have included all of the little grip detail that can make or break a light placement in a shot- A scissor clip for that perfect hair light in an interview- a cardellini clamp to hold a heavy fixture in perfect position for the shot. A nice detail about our grip truck is that it’s configurable as well. Countless times a client has had a specific need and we’ve adapted the open floor space in our truck to accomodate furniture, large TVs, set design elements, building materials,

We Found Lisa Frank video


Recently we were hired by CNN to film an interview with Lisa Frank, an artist any girl growing up in the 90’s would know of. The piece gathered a huge 3 million views in just the first few days it was released!

See it at the original link:

Lisa Frank

A very cool piece and we were privileged to partner with CNN on this. We showed up with our grip truck package and provided camera and support services.

IronCross Automotive


“Be prepared for products that will change the way you and others look at your truck. Drawing from
30 years experience in the aftermarket and Original Equipment industry, we are able to bring you the highest quality parts available using state of the art technology combined with old fashioned hard work.”

A short piece about a company making waves in the aftermarket truck industry.

Director/Editor: Seth Schaeffer
DP/Producer: James Drake
UPM: Jess Rigg
Music: Danny Odom

Denver Nuggets Ty Lawson in a SI Sketch

Denver Nuggets Ty Lawson SI Sketch

Sports and comedy, a match made in heaven. It turns out, many popular athletes are quite funny.  This is certainly the case with Ty Lawson of the Denver Nuggets. The man has got some surprise laughs up his sleeve. This turned out to be a hilarious production.

Check out this sketch shot for Sports Illustrated “Extra Mustard”


The Tech

red epic 9 news studio

red epic 9 news studio, 9 news Sony studio cameras in background

We had a Red Epic and Red Scarlet camera system to shoot this sketch. The post workflow and ability to mold and match the image to previous shoots made the Red a prime choice. Red, along with Adobe, have done a phenomenal job making REDCODE an amazingly easy to work with. It’s easier than the early 5DMark2 workflows, it’s pretty much “drag and drop” editing. Before the shoot started, we shot a brief clip of the kitchen setup in each camera and brought the clips into the DIT computer. We created a quick “look” in Redcine-X Pro and sent it to each camera so that the look would be locked between the two. Another fantastic and easy feature that Red has developed to work flawlessly.

9 news studio newscast

Loading gear in during a live newscast

There was an interesting quirk to this shoot: Our comedy kitchen area was located inside the 9news Studio newsroom. We had to shoot between the midday and afternoon newscasts.  In other words, we only had 4 hours to bring all the gear in, get the actors prepped, run through the sketch a few times, and pack out. In fact, the window was so tight that we brought equipment in (quietly) during the mid-day broadcast, only able to “make noise” during the commercial segments.

red scarlet pad prompterWith the concern of staying on schedule, and attempting to closely recreate a daily news broadcast segment, the kind people at Sports Illustrated asked for a teleprompter system. It used to be easy to find a teleprompter system to rent… but those days are getting scarce. Most shoots we work on don’t have a teleprompter, so it’s not the primary investment in our gear department. Luckily, a relatively new device, the Pad Prompter, was there to save us. It uses two iPads (or an iphone/Ipad) and is super easy to use. Perfect. We stuck the prompter on the Scarlet.

words on pad prompterAnother look at the pad prompter above shows the high contrast lettering, easy to read even at a good distance for talent. Our cameras were positioned around 15-20 feet away from the set, but they were still able to read the prompt easily.

ty lawson studio Above you can see the general setup of the crew. The prompter sat just in front of our wide angle teleprompter system, and A and B camera were positioned closely intentionally to create the aesthetic of a mid-day television segment. The style of this piece was spot on for the comedy the script called for.

ty lawson kitchen sketchTy Lawson was a charm to work with on set. Hilarious, amiable, and a good guy. Leave your comments below and let us know if you think the comedy sketch worked!

Sports Illustrated – Athlete of the Month

si HS athlete

We have had the great opportunity to work with Sports Illustrated over the past years in Denver (well, Broomfield in this case) and they came back to us again to film a story on their ongoing series, “High School Athlete of the Month”. In this story, we follow Porter Milner who has an impressive soccer tactic that led his team to two state championships. Check out our work below!

Here’s the original posting link:

Video – Porter Milner High School of the Month

Shot on our Red Epic package and support by our grip truck!

Denver Broncos pre-Superbowl


Things didn’t turn out quite the way anyone expected for the Denver Broncos this year. The Superbowl was disappointing for Colorado fans. But that aside, it’s still a neat experience to talk with players before the big game. The pressure of 100 million viewers applies differently on each player, and we had the privilege of sitting down with Brandon Marshall and Irving Green at Mile High Stadium just one week before the Superbowl.

broncos mile high stadium red epic

Working with Cory Reynolds at Contrast Media and Wade Yamaguchi of Yamo Films is always a treat. With our creative heads together, magic happens on set. We were stationed in one of the premium suites. Our setup was three Red cameras: 2 Red Scarlets and a Red Epic for a roaming tight shot, a static two shot, and the reversal of the interviewer. We brought in some Kinos and LEDs to mold what little light was already available from the massive windows facing west in the suite. Due to the time of the shoot (we only had an hour or so with talent), most of the light was artificial. I’d prefer to use more existing light, but the windows in the suite are underneath a fairly exaggerated ledge, blocking much of the potential light. We had a small light package, so it was time to open up the Iris. I believe we set the cameras at f/4.

side view broncos mile high stadium


We didn’t have much time from setup to hitting record, so we quickly put together some minor art direction behind the interviewer, set lights, audio levels, and we were off! Camera technology remained out of the conversation for the most part because our team had worked together enough to almost thoughtlessly dial in the right settings.

broncos stadium red epicThe players were relaxed in the interview and things went smoothly. Brandon Marshall and Irving Green were easy to work with, cool guys. No preventative egos, just approachable down to earth fellas sharing their thoughts before the game. Pretty cool.

broncos suite seatsPS: Watching a game from one of these suites would be awesome. The seats are very comfortable. And the view is ok…

panoramic denver broncos stadium



The Fall at Lost Valley

lost valley ranch video

Lost Valley Ranch is in Colorado’s top beautiful resort destinations. We worked closely with the LVR team to put together this story that looks into their horsemanship clinics they feature in the fall, and we see the reactions of guests enjoying themselves tremendously.
Lost Valley Ranch has been awarded the 4 Diamond AAA Award for 38 consecutive years and has year after year been a winner on Trip Advisor as a “Traveler’s Choice”. They have 112 perfect 5 star reviews, after all.

We collaborated on this project, and we are priviledged that this is the third time they’ve hired us to help create video marketing content that shows off their incredible location, people, and ranch.

We look forward to our next project with them, but until then, enjoy this video!

quick bts shot Red Epic mountains

Advertising Award!

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 9.41.54 AM

We are hugely thankful to win a Bronze award from the Collegiate Ad Awards for our TV spot shot with Fort Lewis College in 2014. It was an honor to work on that project, we had a blast! Though we’re based out of Denver, we traveled to Durango on 3 different occasions to capture different aspects of the school.

collegiate ad award

When they mentioned they were looking at creating an exciting spot that told the story of the outdoor and adventure learning opportunities, I was very excited. We had a round table with a variety of departments at the school and came up with an action plan to create a spectacular, and engaging piece. We are proud of the way it all turned out and now we’ve accumulated an award for it!

Exciting stuff!!