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Panasonic GH5, 10 bit and 8 bit discussion

From time to time Dave Dugdale invites me over and we chat about the ever-evolving camera technologies. In this latest video, we talk about the Panasonic GH5, the good, the bad, the ugly.

There was a lot we liked about it, the resolution is great as always, the 10bit 4k 400mbps codec is beautiful, the battery life is improved, the sensor stabilization is fantastic and the integrated V-Log L is excellent. But we also talked about limitations like the harsh highlight roll off, regardless of picture profile, the downsides to micro four thirds sensors, and the lack of inspirational mojo exuding from the camera itself. Take a watch on this video and let me know what you think about our thoughts!


Colorado ZR2 Production

colorado zr2 production shots

We were hired by Weber Shandwick, one of the top agencies in the world, to create compelling footage as accessible media footage of the brand new Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 truck just released this year on the western side of the state. Anytime someone calls us to shoot cars, trucks, planes, or anything that moves, we are THERE.

The right tools, the right team for video

The requests were to gather a variety of ground b-roll, gopros, and aerial shots to show the different environments the new ZR2 can tackle. It was very cool. We shot a rock crawling segment with the engineers that designed the truck in which the truck was easily crawling up huge steps. We shot a desert course with a professional driver speeding around the course and catching over a foot of air off of a jump- this is on a production truck, in other words you can buy this truck off the lot and ramp it off a jump and hit a foot of air. That’s really impressive. Take a look, just note that the footage is not in a finished graded format so the color is quite flat, all for the flexibility of whoever will use this footage in their own capacity.

We had a great time on the shoot and are looking forward to continuing our work with Weber Shandwick and Chevrolet, they even had this nice comment to say about our work after the fact:


We were so pleased to create nice video content for them and will continue our relationship with their excellent teams.

A look behind the scenes

Below is a handful of behind the scenes shots of the shoot, as you can see we captured the production on three Red Epics, one on an easyrig and ronin gimbal system, countless gopros, a 5Dmk3 and a DJI Inspire pro. The days were a bit hot, but we sunny skies aren’t always a guarantee in Colorado so we were very grateful for the nice weather. I’m so thankful for the awesome team of guys that collaborated on this to put together killer work and very thankful for Nate Kostegian from Weber Shandwick for treating us in a first class way, while keeping a great pace for production.


Changing Modern Agriculture – Reed Pro


We were absolutely privileged to help ReedPro create this video anthem piece. Their product is going to revolutionize how farmers can upgrade their current John Deere farm equipment.

Our goal with this project was to highlight the wide variety of great upgrades Reed Pro offers to combines older than the latest generation. It all stems from the brilliance of Craig Reed, combining the skills of engineering and farming, a unique combination of skills that led to this bleeding edge brand.

This is a production within a series that has been highly successful helping ReedPro clearly demonstrate their messaging.

Intro Video – Energy Building Exciter


When we were asked to create an incredible video to kick off a conference for 800 clients with a bang, we knew it was time to create an amazing energy packed piece to get the room excited. After some creative design and brainstorming, we landed on the concept of having the CEO wield a flame thrower, playing to the theme of the conference, “Ignite”. Without further introduction, enjoy the piece we created for Denver based, internationally backed, Mortgage Cadence –

The crowd received this video with surprise and applause, they knew from the first deep subwoofer hit that this video was going to take them on a journey.. we were told many times after the intro keynote that people loved the video and really loved the way it kicked off the conference.

Truth be told, there was a ton of energy that went into the production on the planning side as well. Determining a way to safely create a big fire effect was a journey of paperwork, logistics, and placing elements together. We are so grateful to

Needless to say, we were proud of the production, we always strive to create immense value for our clients.

We could not have pulled this shoot together without the wonderful efforts of Dean from the fire department, Sarah with Mortgage Cadence, Hannah Drake, Nathan Rich, Adam Bradley, Frank Lopez, and of course the star CEO Trevor. Enjoy some fantastic behind the scenes photos from Frank down below!







Denver Aerial Video Production – Drone Footage

denver aerial video drone shot

We’re excited! After successfully completing our commercial license (aptly named 14 CFR Part 107 by the FAA) we are proud to announce our ability to offer exceptional aerial services to our clients. We’ve been working on aerial productions around Denver and the US for years, but we’ve taken it a step further with insurance and the bringing the FAA certification in house. We can work on anything from commercials, to documentaries, to landscapes, to narrative films!

We’re in the process of putting the aerial production reel together, but in the meantime, check out a few of our pieces from the sky below!

Chasing Horses at Sunset from the sky

Point Dume Aerial

Orbit of our Grip Truck in a remote location

Shots from the sky are a new level of freedom and we love what it can add to a production. When used tactfully, aerials can enhance a story, create excitement, give perspective, or capture movements that were never possible before! For instance in the first video on this page, chasing horses at sunset aerial, we were in an area that would be tough for a helicopter to get to because of terrain, so with the drone video we unlocked the ability to demonstrate the immensity of the location in a way we had never been able to capture from the ground. The perspective achieved by continuing to pull back from the horses as they get smaller and smaller in frame while revealing more and more landscape is just fantastic. This is what aerial production is about for us… can we take something to the next level for your production.

Contact us today if you’re looking for Denver based aerial video production, we’d be thrilled to talk to you!


Mile High Denver Flea Market Commercials

When a funny idea strikes, and a team of great people come together… effective TV commercials are produced! In this case, we had the opportunity to work with Mile High Flea Market We had a great time working with Honest Films on the creation of two witty and intelligent novelty items, a nutcracker and buddha figure.

It was a cold winter morning at the flea market before the doors opened, but we had the objective to make a fun, bright and cheery feel. With a large outdoor location and scattered clouds above, evening out light was going to be huge in creating a consistent look and feel across shifting ambient light. Right away, we decided on an overhead silk and a few HMI’s on standby to control our shifting ambient light levels.

We had a great time with it, and the pieces turned out great! They’re running constantly on Denver channels, be sure to watch out for them!

red and a table

Red Epic at the table on the set


Wide shot of the set


The infamous Jerry Voigt rigging the Red Epic to a carousel, safely!


Nate, the Director, hamming it with our “grip cart” of the day on site

Skyhawks Basketball TVC

epic basketball shot

We had a blast producing this spot for the Durango Colorado based Skyhawks for Fort Lewis College. The Skyhawks basketball teams have been doing very well this year and it was time to highlight their talent in a powerful way.

Vision for the video

They were looking to create something for both mens and women’s basketball teams that incorporated game excitement along with a lot of energy. We chose to land on a day just before the semester started on campus so we could have a long block of uninterrupted hours in the Skyhawks’ main basketball facility. With complete control of the massive gym, we took out the main overheads (having to track down the security light breaker) and got to work creating a low key high contrast look that would enhance the drama and add a visceral component to the aesthetics. We also brought in our fog machine to give some dimension through backlights to the otherwise darkened space.

Working with the teams was a real treat, they were receptive to direction and were very willing to run the same plays countless times. We were quick and agile, but we still needed 3 or 4 runs of each play to capture the perfect motion.

Cinematography Notes

Something this commercial called for was something I would call flowing kinetic cinematography, meaning the shots needed to possess an intrinsic energy that would flow between edits. This was accomplished through both preproduction, anticipating what types of motion transition would keep the energy, as well as during production when adjusting the plan to each individual talent, and then finally working through post production, marrying the right segments together. All with the purpose of flowing energy. The client loved the video, and it will air, alongside another spot we created for the college, on ESPN the second week of February 2017! Check out a few of the behind the scenes shots below. We’d love to hear what you thought about it, let us know in the comments!

red epic screen

behind the scenes commercial

jib dunk shot

Log profile on iPhone


The Future of phone filmmaking?

Philmmaking… Phone Filmmaking is making big jumps in progress lately. Log profiles have long (or at least for the past 4-5 years) been a discussion in the digital video community. Every professional cinema camera offers their own version of Log, from Red’s RedLogFilm, to Arri’s Log C, to Canon’s Clog and the list goes on. But the iPhone, seen as the ubiquitous consumer camera device, is now getting the log profile. This, alongside Apple’s continuous pursuit to make an exceptional quality camera for their phones and a group of iOS developers pushing the limits of new processors, has become a very interesting cocktail of technology that it would be wise to pay attention to.

Enter…. the LOG profile with Filmic Pro Grey

After spending a month or so with Filmic Pro‘s new Grey beta, I say whole-heartedly that I’m impressed. I’ve used the iPhone in productions as a C or D camera in a pinch, and it works fairly well depending on what you’re filming, but it always has that iPhone look. The photos are easily manipulated, but the low bitrate video has always been locked into a certain contrast, or a few heavy filters that never felt professional. The log profile from Filmic Grey Beta on the other hand is superb. I don’t know what they’ll ultimately call it… iLog? PhoneLog? Whatever the name, this is big for flexibility on grades, and potential for pro tonality out of a device you always have with you.

I’m Filmic Pro Grey on an iPhone 6 plus, so I’m not seeing the full benefit of 4k, low light or the new iPhone tech, but even on my phone it’s impressive. There are definitely situations where LOG works best, primarily brightly lit and sunny, low light is pretty tough on my phone because the flat profile exposes the noise that the phone hardware traditionally works hard to hide in the shadows. But even in these situations, with a proper grade, the footage can turn out well.

Why Log on a phone

Because you can do more!!! Control, control, control. Below are a selection of different environments comparing the standard iPhone video look to the new log look. Notice tonality and shadows. The log images are pre-grade, so in some cases less appealing, but continue reading after this section to see how LUTS and grading can make the shots look like no iPhone footage before –vegetables shot log phone compare vegetable compare log phone sign compare log iphone mirror log compare iphone jellyfish log compare iphone jellyfish log compare 2 iphone hike log iPhone compare flag sky iPhone log compare restaurant log compare iPhone log gas station log compare

LOG format itself is helpful on the iPhone because more information is moved into the shadows, we see a ton of information gain in the shadows, ultimately allowing a lower midpoint of exposure and therefore creating more headroom in the highlights. It also creates a more filmic tonality, where skin tones and midtones are more smoothly represented in the LOG image (which can be destroyed in grading, or preserved!)

Stepping back for a moment, I think it’s important to specify why this is a big deal. While I’m not going to trade my Red in for the iPhone 7 plus, I am beginning to look at the iPhone as a legitimate professional tool. The phone is always with you, and that can be perfect for a left field logistic in which you need to capture that “one angle” you didn’t have a camera for. In conjunction with that, phones are going to get a lot better imagery. Considering how much money is in just the smartphone space, companies will continue to pour R&D money into anything they can to push people to use their technology. A lot of photo technologies are on the roadmap already, things like Lytro technology, better low light, better optical zooms… soon these will be status quo.

Another angle is that the multitude of iOS developers out there want to capitalize on every new feature they can to sell their apps, video and photo included. Today there are a great host of iPhone apps already ready to go, and I can only imagine what new features will be unlocked as phone processors get more powerful and cameras get better.


Using LUTS on iLog.. or Phone Log…

The really fun part of LOG is the flexibility to grade… and of course use LUTS. If you aren’t familiar with LUTS, there’s a lot to know about them, but suffice to say their like adding a Instagram filter to your media. With a LOG profile, the image is much much more moldable than a standard linear look, like the iPhone video has defaulted to up until now. Side note, the new Luma Fusion app developers are working on implementing LUTS in an update to their excellent iOS editing app. Below is a look at a few of the excellent Impulz luts Ultimate package by Color Grading Central applied to the log phone profile.

girl look look lut iPhone log

flag lut log iphone

log luts iphone

jelly lut combined

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Let us know in the comments!


Pro Video Editing on your iPad and iPhone on a New App- Is it finally good in 2017??

pro video editing on ipad

I’m a skeptic when it comes to using mobile devices for anything professional. Having used the Adobe creative products for years, my standard for using professional software is very high and continues to get higher as post software continues to evolve. So when I was contacted about checking out a new iPad video editing app calling itself a solution for professionals, I was skeptical. After using iMovie on the iPad and iPhone, I knew editing anything more than a family weekend vacation video wasn’t going to look or feel pro. The detail tools to make small and important adjustments were missing and the flow of editing just always feels… clunky.

Enter Luma Fusion. For the first time, literally, I’m excited about editing on the iPad. Why? 5 big reasons this is a major step forward in video editing on iOS below –

Input and Output of Video

add files for video editing ipad

Just getting footage into an iPad seems like a challenge with a general lack of normal computer inputs. The great bonus for Luma Fusion is their compatibility with services like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive One Drive, and of course the default iOS photos app. I’m a big Dropbox user, so as soon as I connected Luma Fusion, I was able to access my media quickly and easily. You simply import a file, it downloads it locally to the iPad, and you’re off! Love that flow. Feels similar to ingesting media to a standard NLE.

Getting footage out of the iPad, or more commonly exporting, is also limited in most iOS applications. I love the audio and video bitrate selection, as well as frame rate and destination selection. Feels much more flexible creating a much more valuable tool.

Fast and Reliable

I did the app testing on an iPad Air v1 (not pro!), which isn’t by any means fast as far as tablets are concerned in 2016. I had my doubts about how the performance would work with multitrack and effects… after all 3 years in technology is an eternity! (*cough* Mac Pro). Luma Fusion blew me away with performance. I was editing 1920×1080 files with no problem, adding layers, adding effects from their selection that are processing intensive… all in real-time. The developers mentioned that if you have newer hardware, like the 12.9″ iPad Pro or iPhone 7, you’ll be able to edit in 4k.

export video ipad

I also never had one issue with the app crashing or slowing down. It’s great to have the original Pinnacle Studios team working on an app because they understand app development, and that’s clearly playing here.

True Multitrack

multitrack editing on ipad

Other editing apps have pseudo second track functions, but Luma Fusion offers 3 true video and audio tracks. This makes me feel at home in their editing interface and allows for a much more professional flexibility at the tap of a finger. Shifting audio and video tracks around, zooming in and out with ease and seeing the timeline, it all feels right.

Titles, Transitions, The Little Things

There’s a whole host of professional transitions for most situations. I also love the title app, it’s as flexible as Adobe’s Titling system in Premiere Pro. You can import images, and it supports transparency, which is awesome if you need to add a logo or speciality image on your footage. I added my logo with ease and was able to modify and move it around with ease!

color effect editing on ipad

color effect editing on ipad

I also love the screenshot function, an easy tool to send out reference images. Just one tap and you’ve got a quality still of your sequence in the photos app!

Undo and Redo buttons are on the right hand side and beautiful. These functions make trying things a breeze, really like these buttons.

Excellent Features Ahead

Aside from the excellent functionality the app already offers, the developers are looking ahead at how to really turn your iPad into an editing suite. They’ve got wonderful features planned such as:

Bluetooth keyboard support (for shortcuts)

Export to NLE

Metatagging 360 video

Advanced Color Correction

Color LUTS

Curve Keyframe Editing

There’s a lot of features I didn’t get into, but go check out Luma Fusion on iTunes. This is pro editing on the iPad as it should be! Oh, and did I mention the app is only 121 mb? Vs iMovie’s not so tiny 697 mb!

Stay tuned for more updates and new blogs! Subscribe to our newsletter and social channels to stay up to date!!

7 best iPhone Filmmaking Apps for 2017

7 best iPhone apps

How many apps are there for iPhone now? We’ve lost count. But there are some absolutely great iPhone Filmmaking apps and we wanted to round up the best of them! These are all must have apps for different reasons, spanning a spectrum of high quality video recorder to scouting to preproduction. Check out the list below and let us know if there are apps you can’t go without in the comments!

Filmic Pro

filmic pro

filmic pro


This excellent tool allows you to increase the bit rate, change the resolution, have a realtime histogram, easily lock exposure and focus, shoot time-lapse, slowmo, and much more. It is a true swiss army knife of video features and we dig this app. As a back pocket option (or maybe soon as a primary option?) this is the app to have to record high quality video on your iPhone! Richard Lackey (@RichLackey) has a great post about how to use this app to its fullest extent!

Price $9.99, See more about Filmic Pro on iTunes


Artemis shot

Artemis shot

It’s been out for quite some time, but Artemis is our go to director’s viewfinder app. We love the fact that you can choose your camera, which adjusts your cameras crop factor, and choose your kit of lenses, providing a digital preview of your camera and lens. Perfect. On site we’ve compared the actual shot to the Artemis preview and it is darn close.

Price $29.99, see it on iTunes 

CineMeter II

cinemeter II

cinemeter II

In a jam, having a light meter on your iPhone is a great option. CineMeter II is the best we’ve found, providing a real time histogram with YRGB and also a neat false color option and it can be calibrated specifically to your phone. They also offer CineMeter I, which offers a few less features but costs less at $4.99. The author of the app recommends using the Luxi light meter attachment for iPhone if you really want to get great light readings.

Price $24.99 for Cinemeter II, $4.99 for Cinemeter I. Read more about Cinemeter I and II

Sun Scout

sun scout

sun scout

Anytime you’re outside, you have to consider your primary light source, the sun. Sun scout is a simple but highly accurate tool to measure the trail of the sun and provides a lot of needed information so you can scout locations with confidence!

Price $9.99 view it on iTunes


digislate for iphone

digislate for iphone

A free, excellent digital slate. It offers the ability to show TOD timecode as well as title slots for everything you could want. Additionally we love that you can use the volume button to “clap” the slate. We’ve used it a few times when the real clapper was MIA.

Price, Free. View it on iTunes

Shot Lister

shot lister iphone

shot lister iphone

Always on our list, Shot Lister is an incredible tool that continues to grow in abilities and functionality. If you need to organize your shots and schedule your day, this is our go to app. You can break down scenes by shot and then schedule each shot. You can sync that project with multiple crew (using their paid crew sync functionality) and they now even offer an Apple watch app! It keeps you on time and on point.

Price: $13.99, with a pro option at $13.99 Check it out at Shotlister.com

Shot Designer

Shot Designer for iPhone

Shot Designer for iPhone

Shot designer has a lot of depth for creating overheads quickly and helping plan your scenes. We use it all the time to communicate light and set placement. It has functionality for layers and various scenes, and even an animation tool to demonstrate movement in the scene!

That’s our list! While not conclusive (there are many excellent specialty apps like GoPro Capture or FoolColor for Red, or DJI Go for their drones) we do feel like with these you can cover some tremendous ground as a filmmaker. If you have other apps you love to use on your iPhone, please detail them below in the comments! We always appreciate your feedback!

Price: Pro Version $19.99 Check it out at Hollywood Camerawork


my radar

my radar

My Radar. Weather is so key for any outdoor shoot, we love MyRadar because of the quick reliable map overlay that shows weather movement. The view of wind movement is a huge benefit. We’ve used it many times it to see where weather is heading to help plan our day!

Price Free, with in-app purchases.


How to Create Compelling Content for Video

what if

Metrics around the internet cite various adoption rates of video content being used in B2B and B2C situations, but suffice to say that everyone it agrees it has been on the meteoric rise for quite some time, and continuing to increase in adoption rate. With most marketing teams using video, it results in a lot of noise and competition. We’ve found that there are some key areas to focus on that will help your video stand out and accomplish your goals.

Set Goals. Keep them.

The first step, though it seems obvious, is to clearly set goals for the project. We like to think of the word trajectory. Not only charting the destination, but understanding the path needed to hit that target. A goal for your project can be specific like increasing awareness of a new product, driving sales for a particular event, or informing your customers of new functionalities. It can also be less tangible, like increasing brand quality perception or heightening awareness. Whatever the goal, it’s important to set it clearly at the beginning to guide and shape the project appropriately.

Video Process, not just end result is Big

Secondly, to that end, it’s important to consider the whole process of creating the video, not just the project itself. The planning phase is critical to crafting something exceptional, and within that phase there can be a whole gamut of opportunities. In some meetings we’ve had, clients have had “a-ha” moments on their own strategy simply by talking through multiple approaches for direction. Through this process we can affirm the goal and begin to put legs on the plan. This process is equally important to the video project overall.

Exact your Vision

Next, or rather concurrently, vision execution. Don’t let up for a moment on dreaming. Some of our greatest moments are a result of many hours of just pondering the project. Sometimes concepts can be developed that may match a later series or successive video. We suggest a few directions when dreaming:

  • Visualize instead of verbalize. Video is primarily a visual medium, what kind of concepts can you “show instead of tell”?
  • Write it down. Whether it’s related or not, keeping a catalog of ideas is not only a better way to remember them, but an excellent resource when consulting your team on overall direction
  • Play it out. Go through the work of putting the whole project down together on paper. We’ve done this through storyboards, outlines, scripts, or even making a low quality concept video. This can help identify gaps or transitions that need work, and is a largely popular technique in Hollywood filmmaking
  • What if. Two huge words that can change the trajectory of the creativity of your project. Instead of presenting the idea sitting straight in front of the camera, what if your concept was fleshed out in a mock-real world concept? What if your project could be shot in slow-motion and in reverse to convey an idea? What if we had sparks falling from the sky onto your killer truck product? This is a great tool that we use all the time.
what if

What if there were sparks falling from the sky?

early morning combine

What if we filmed this scene at sunrise instead of daytime?

Nail the Technical

No matter how basic or complex, absolutely own the technical process. Style can be an added bonus to a video, but it should absolutely never stand in the way or take away from the message. Professional well mixed audio, well exposed sharp high quality images, well timed editing, fitting music, these are all things that people expect.

Be Open

We refer to crafting a project as a process for a reason. There are turns, tricks, and obstacles in almost every project. Sometimes these can lead to really great creative limitations that help the project along, other times it takes energy to rethink what could have been a vital component. But in both cases, be absolutely open and think through obstacles with a successful attitude. The unexpected often comes up, so expect it, flex and adapt.

These are some core concepts we believe creating compelling video content comes from. What do you think? What have you experienced that helps you create strong content?


What makes a video project successful?


Creating value for your clients.

It’s something that every business should strive to do regardless of industry. In the video world, it’s easy to get caught up with technology and logistics and all of the minutia before considering the ultimate value that the overall project can create for a client. Unfortunately that seems to be the status quo of production, the norm, because video production is not truly as simple as it seems and there are plenty of real obstacles preventing any team from making a perfect production. Crafting brilliant content and images along with audio that flows with pace and style and still fits within a marketing plan can, in and of itself, be an all consuming challenge. Over the years we have spent a lot of energy listening and constantly reevaluating our process of how we interact with our clients and define success. What we’ve found is the ability to quickly understand what clients will see as the greatest value to them, both from what they tell us and also from our large repertoire of experiences.


There’s no one-size-fits-all production model.

…but rather a highly customizable and adaptable process that can stretch and expand or shrink and contract depending on what our client has in mind. In one instance, we worked on a series of videos that was central to a email marketing campaign, and it generated an international lead that ultimately became big business. That resulted from many conversations and careful planning, knowing what kind of content we were going to create and who it was going to reach. The delivery of how the future prospects were going to receive the content was also a vital piece to the planning process. All of these things need to be considered for a successful project that is valuable to a client, and it something at James Drake Films we pride ourselves on because we have been blessed with a long history of successes.


Opening Doors

In another case, we were working with a new start up company on a branding anthem piece that would open the door to pitch high level executives for their potential client, an internationally recognized company. The goals of this project were to quickly educate their potential client on a base level of technical information, but also show the value of their concept in a highly compelling way to top executives (meaning ROI, placement and sales) in just five minutes. We were able to design and achieve an incredible video that opened the door for them at a high level to launch their products into 14 locations very quickly, as a proof of concept, and then an option to go national. All of which was a direct result of the planning and execution of our video reaching the right people at the right time time.


The business angle of our work

…is inseparable from the video production side. We tell people all the time that the video is going to look great, we have a formula to make things look awesome in every circumstance. But the real trick is making that video come to life and achieve your business goals. We can help you, and we want nothing less than to exceed your expectations. Let’s chat today about how you can leverage video to it’s fullest potential!