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Easy Amazing Call Sheets


Studio Binder is an awesome online production management tool for all film video professionals out there. Today (February 4, 2016) they just released a new update, “2.0” that adds a ton of features to their already robust platform. 

I like Studio Binder because of it is simple to read for your crew members, easy to send out, and also has tracking features to see if your crew is receiving the call sheet as well as they can click “confirm” in the call sheet and you know without a shadow of a doubt as a producer that they’ve received the information. 


It’s also nice if you use a lot of the same crew on a regular basis as it saves their information and then creating a new project is a snap! 

You can customize each crew/cast call time individually as well as add a schedule to the day with location and scene information. 


They offer a free version that allows you to create one call sheet per month for up to 15 people, so go check it out on their website!

Northern Colorado Credit Union TV Commercial

nccu commercial

We were privileged to work with Northern Colorado Credit Union on their first television spot airing in 2016!

NCCU’S mission: “Our hope is to educate the public about the difference between a bank and a credit union. At credit union’s our customers are members and part-owners, which results in fewer fees and lower rates. It also means that members come first!

Northern Colorado Credit Union has been a part of the Greeley Community since 1935 and we are dedicated to serving the people and organizations that make Northern Colorado a great place to live!”

Definitely an exciting project, we look forward to helping them enhance and grow their great brand!

Very proud of the team coming together on this spot and working hard to make it happen on a tight deadline and all with high levels of execution and with happy clients!

Contact us today if you’re considering growing your brand presence through video in Colorado or nationwide!

Successful Video Series

One of our best clients just reported back and told us that a series of 10 videos we produced in November 2015 has helped them gather and secure several huge international clients of their own! To say the least, we’re very proud to have been involved and see the success that this series has brought about for them!

interview c100

The process for putting this series of 10 videos together was to develop a strong series of content based on thought leadership in their space and point their potential clients to questions they should be asking about scaling their own businesses. Through selecting strong content and editing the series in such a way where viewers want to continue watching, we saw strong engagement and big success for this company as they successfully gathered new clients through this process. Overall, a tremendous success for them and a good reflection on us too.

Inspiration Center – Mathare Slums Kenya

We were privileged to visit a powerful ministry in December 2015. Check out this great work that the people at Inspiration Center in Kenya are doing –

They work hard to help the children there receive high quality education despite the big economic challenges facing the entire community.

We Found Lisa Frank video


Recently we were hired by CNN to film an interview with Lisa Frank, an artist any girl growing up in the 90’s would know of. The piece gathered a huge 3 million views in just the first few days it was released!

See it at the original link:

Lisa Frank

A very cool piece and we were privileged to partner with CNN on this. We showed up with our grip truck package and provided camera and support services.

Rodney Atkins Music Video

rodney cover

We were priviledged to work with Colormatics out of New York City on this music video for Rodney Atkins. We shot a series of two music videos while in Florence Alabama. Below is part one of the video:

One interesting note on this shoot was how frigid it was during the production! It was probably 20 or 25 degrees Fahrenheit with a wind chill at some points and we had to stage that it was warm.

Worked with a really great grip team out of Alabama, shot on Red Epic with a mix of some really great aerials shot on the DJI Inspire

Nebula 4000 Lite Tests


Early tests with the Nebula 4000 Lite, balanced well with the GH4, 14-42 lens, shot at 14mm with OIS on.

In these tests, I learned a few things. Having used the DJI Ronin and Freefly Movi M10 prior to this Nebula unit, I was accustomed to having very little X-axis movement due to the user. However, with the basic physics of how this Nebula works, I have to be much more conscious to control both the up and down (y axis, or walking movement) as well as the X axis (side to side) movement. This is because the Nebula has a pistol grip setup which is AWESOME for size and weight, but not so great for stability. I’m hearing of people using Fig Rigs and other stabilizer to help with this, I’m sure that is something I will need to try as well.

The Nebula itself is fantastic, and works brilliantly with the very lightweight GH4 and 14-42mm combo.

We are traveling overseas and this will be a fantastic asset to have with us with very little footprint in our gear!

Lineage TVC Commercial


We were privileged to partner again with our friends out of New York at Colormatics on this commercial for Jersey College.

shot on the Red Epic in New York City

Traveling Light Video Series with Max Lucado

traveling light

We had the opportunity to work with several production companies coming together to create this eighteen 30 minute episode series called “Traveling Light” by author Max Lucado. I was privileged to DP and light this shoot, as well as use our grip truck and support equipment to make it happen overall. Everyone was happy with the final product and it played in various forms including on TBN

You can also check out this teaser for the series-

It was shot on 4-5 Red cameras in Denver, Colorado.

Clean Water – Alfonso


This is a piece we worked with the company Art Not War to look into the life of a farmer, Alfonso, a man intimately acquainted with using water for his profession as an alfalfa hay producer. It centers around the Clean Water Rule. As water rights continue to increase in importance for the next generations, it is important that we have experienced and valuable voices like Alfonso’s in the discussion to protect water rights in the future.

Alfonso pointedly remarks, “Snow from the mountains feed the streams, streams feed the rivers, rivers feed us. You can’t grow food without water. You can’t live without water. Without water nothing survives.”

The Clean Water Rule would protect water sources for 1 in 3 Americans. Needless to say, a hugely important issue.

Shot on Red Epic
Production: Art Not War
DP: James Drake
Grip: Ian Chisolm

5 Best Filmmaking Apps – iPad 2015

There are a myriad of filmmaking apps for the iPad that have come out over the years, I look at my top 5 favorites that have proven their usefulness on various shoots and in preproduction.

1 – Shotlister

Shotlister Screen Shot

shotlister.com Shotlister is an app we’ve used countless times to schedule shoots both complex and simple. The flexibility of organizing shortlists by camera setup, name, scene, and others is a tremendous time saver. But the real power of shotlister is the ability to create shotlists… then schedule them. After you’ve created a shotlist, you can go into the “schedule” portion of the app and organize all of your shots by shoot day. This function has really helped our team on countless shoots. While we’ve always been able to schedule shot lists and put them to the day, the “crew sync” feature, which allows you to share and collaborate on shotlists, has helped the process along. You are able to add storyboards or pictures for each shot, which can really help on quick-turn projects, or multi-unit shoots. Shotlister also allows you to export the schedules and shotlists in a beautiful PDF form that many of our clients have liked the design of. Shotlister costs $13.99 per year for a pro account.

2 – Easy Release

Easy Release Screen Shot

Easy release says it all in the name. An easy way to get release forms from models and property. It has a quick way to set up a “shoot”, and add as many talent as you need to that shoot, as well as locations. It has a lot of features, including the ability to input compensation information (with $3.99 upgrade). It’s very easy, and I like the ability to hand off the iPad to someone on set, and have them go through the process with talent when they have a few minutes to sign the release. The program asks to take a picture of talent, for ID purposes, and then they sign digitally. It is then all stored on iCloud (if you choose) and saved. No more lost talent release forms! Easy Release costs $9.99, with an additional $3.99 price tag to get the full customization of releases (I think is a must because it makes signing the forms quicker, requiring less fields).

3 – Pocket Call Sheet

Pocket Call Sheet Screen Shot

Pocket Call Sheet is a wonderful tool that allows you to create call sheets on the fly for upcoming productions. One valuable tool is the ability to quickly add contacts from your iPad/iphone contact list, so for myself, a lot of the people I put on the call sheet are already in my phone as contacts. Quick and easy. There is a lot of depth to this tool, and in some cases there are so many fields that it is a bit exhaustive for quick low budget shoots, but I like the abilities it offers and the ease of putting a nice call sheet together on the iPad. Pocket Call Sheet costs $6.99.

 4 – Pro Prompter

Pro prompter Screen Shot

Pro prompter is a very cool teleprompter app that allows you to use a portable teleprompter system like the ultra portable Pad Prompter. It is easy to use and fairly intuitive. The way we’ve used it is to connect two iPads together through the app, and then control the speed of the prompter on the mirror image of the iPad sitting in your lap. Pretty neat tool, and it’s a tool you already have with you. As far as consolidating gear goes, this is awesome. Pro Prompter costs $9.99 on the app store.

5 – CTRL + Console

CTRL Console Screen Shot

Control Console is something I just recently discovered through some blogs. It is effectively a control surface for Premiere, FCP, and other applications. It has a useful interface that allows you to edit with ease. It connects with your computer wirelessly. I like it because I can sit back and enjoy editing from the couch if I’m on the road and instead of hovering over a laptop, I can be more comfortable. With practice CTRL + Console can become quite fast. It costs $29.99 for each interface (Premiere, FCP) and also has some more basic editors for $4.99.

Let me know what iPad apps you use for filmmaking that you use!



The Fall at Lost Valley

lost valley ranch video

Lost Valley Ranch is one of the most beautiful times there. We worked closely with the LVR team to put together this story that looks into their horsemanship clinics they feature in the fall, and we see the reactions of guests enjoying themselves tremendously.
Lost Valley Ranch has been awarded the 4 Diamond AAA Award for 38 consecutive years and has year after year been a winner on Trip Advisor as a “Traveler’s Choice”. They have 112 perfect 5 star reviews, after all.
My wife and I collaborated on this project, and it was a very special piece for us to put together because Lost Valley truly is a special place.

quick bts shot Red Epic mountains