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GH4 Vlog vs A7Rii and other GH4 profiles

Dave Dugdale was performing a review on the Sony A7Rii, he wanted to match it up against my Red Epic. In the meantime, Panasonic has released their new V-Log profile for the GH4 cameras for a mere $99 USD and I was anxious to give it a test run. Below are the direct from camera grabs. All profiles dialed down to -5 contrast.

GH4 Compare Profiles V Log and others

GH4 Compare Profiles – Click for Large Version

standard gh4 profile

standard gh4 profile

cinelike v gh4 profile

cinelike v gh4 profile


natural gh4 profile

vlog grab

vlog Gh4 profile

A7Rii Dave


cinelike d

cinelike D Gh4 profile

Vlog Comparison

Vlog Graded Comparison

We Found Lisa Frank video


Recently we were hired by CNN to film an interview with Lisa Frank, an artist any girl growing up in the 90’s would know of. The piece gathered a huge 3 million views in just the first few days it was released!

See it at the original link:

Lisa Frank

A very cool piece and we were privileged to partner with CNN on this. We showed up with our grip truck package and provided camera and support services.

Sports Illustrated – Athlete of the Month

si HS athlete

We have had the great opportunity to work with Sports Illustrated over the past years in Denver (well, Broomfield in this case) and they came back to us again to film a story on their ongoing series, “High School Athlete of the Month”. In this story, we follow Porter Milner who has an impressive soccer tactic that led his team to two state championships. Check out our work below!

Here’s the original posting link:

Video – Porter Milner High School of the Month

Shot on our Red Epic package and support by our grip truck!

Northern Colorado Credit Union TV Commercial

nccu commercial

We were privileged to work with Northern Colorado Credit Union on their first television spot airing in 2016!

NCCU’S mission: “Our hope is to educate the public about the difference between a bank and a credit union. At credit union’s our customers are members and part-owners, which results in fewer fees and lower rates. It also means that members come first!

Northern Colorado Credit Union has been a part of the Greeley Community since 1935 and we are dedicated to serving the people and organizations that make Northern Colorado a great place to live!”

Definitely an exciting project, we look forward to helping them enhance and grow their great brand!

Very proud of the team coming together on this spot and working hard to make it happen on a tight deadline and all with high levels of execution and with happy clients!

Contact us today if you’re considering growing your brand presence through video in Colorado or nationwide!

DJI – The Comeback


We were privileged to work with DJI on this story of Steven McCutcheon, a snowboarder with an incredible story that is now working his way towards the next winter Olympics.

This project was shot up in Steamboat Springs Colorado with a highly talented crew of people from companies Cloudgate, Outskirt Films, and Hello Airbot.

We shot primarily on Canon C100 MK2’s and two Inspire One drones, but there was also a GH4 on a Ronin-M, and an A7s I believe captured a few shots as well.

Rodney Atkins Music Video

rodney cover

We were priviledged to work with Colormatics out of New York City on this music video for Rodney Atkins. We shot a series of two music videos while in Florence Alabama. Below is part one of the video:

One interesting note on this shoot was how frigid it was during the production! It was probably 20 or 25 degrees Fahrenheit with a wind chill at some points and we had to stage that it was warm.

Worked with a really great grip team out of Alabama, shot on Red Epic with a mix of some really great aerials shot on the DJI Inspire

Grace – 48 hour film project 2015

A few weekends ago, we had the opportunity to create a 48 hour film in the biggest to date competition ever… LA 2015, 174 teams making a film in just two days.

We had an incredible time and made a film with great Purpose.

Check out the 48 second trailer:

My beautiful wife Hannah did an unbelievable job in this role. We will release this film online when we have the ability to.

Huge thanks to Brian Rushing, our killer talented sound recordist and Danny Odom, who provided the absolutely amazing music for this piece. You can check out Danny’s other music at electriccomposer.com

Special thanks to
Brian Sacks
Lynn Sacks
Ken Rushing
Roger W.

Inspiration Center – Mathare Slums Kenya

We were privileged to visit a powerful ministry in December 2015. Check out this great work that the people at Inspiration Center in Kenya are doing –

They work hard to help the children there receive high quality education despite the big economic challenges facing the entire community.

April Fools Camera Roundup

Lots of funny camera releases over the years… here are a few of our favorite from April fools, from 2016 and beyond!

The Canon 1DW

Canon 1DW

Canon 1DW

As seen on http://www.the-digital-picture.com/Canon-Cameras/Canon-EOS-1D-W-DSLR-Camera.aspx

Adobe’s Ansel Adams Lightroom Tutorial

Special Limited Edition X-Pro 2

X Pro 2

X Pro 2

As seen on Fujiaddict.com

Digital Cartridges for analog 35mm cameras



As seen on http://www.re35.net

Drone Taxi Service

Drone Taxi

Drone Taxi

As seen on http://www.sanwakoutsu.co.jp/special/aprilfool2016.html

A6300 Review by Erik Stenbakken

As seen on http://stenbakken.com/blog/

There are multitudes more out there, please do send over your favorites in the comments!

Street Kid School Episode 10


Everything people have given for the success of the school comes together as the school is launched. Please check out this video and see the fruits of all the work!!

There is still much to be done, we are working on setting up a monthly support system. For $50 a month, you can help a boy attend school, get basics like food and water, and a lot of love and support from the amazing Pastor and volunteers.

Visit http://servantsofchristinternational.org/drake-james-hannah/