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5 Reasons to choose James Drake Films

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We listed out 5 reasons to provide you an insight into why we believe James Drake Films is the media company for your next production.

Adaptable Storytellers

Productions are variable. Each project requires different types of shots, planning, angles, lighting, gear, location, crew size… just about everything is up for discussion. And we’re up for that. A story may be about a product, service, individual, event… Whatever it is, we’re going to hunt down the elements that will bring your story to life. We focus on your production down to the nitty-gritty details to make your project a massive success and bring your audience a powerful piece.

Ready to work

We’re not afraid of getting our knees and elbows dirty. If there’s a shot up the side of a mountain, we climb for it. If there’s an interview across the country needed to finish the project, we travel for it. Long days don’t scare us, our creative passions fuel the days we shoot. Laziness is the opposite of what we do. Life is too short to do anything other than our very best.

Cutting-Edge Gear and Technology

In house we have a Red Epic camera and many accessories to really make the camera sing. In house, we have dolly and jib systems, along with many other flexible camera support options. We also have a range of light kits, grip gear, audio gear, and miscellaneous production goods (some secret stuff) to bring to any production we have the opportunity to facilitate. Good gear is not something we hide behind, but it ensures that we are using the latest tools to maximize our talents and the benefits to our clients, and there are no barriers between what we imagine and what we can create.

We can (and do) finish in 4k

While this may or may not be a benefit for your viewers today, having a project planned, shot, and finished in 4k will ensure your video will look fantastic on any screen for many years to come. We can relate to some of our customers that were stuck with DV quality video for “once-in-a-lifetime” moments, and while technology always changes, it’s worth noting that most digital projectors in the United States are still 2k (less than half) resolution. If it looks good on a 40 foot screen, we’re confident our 4k capture will look great on any screen you decide to show your project on.


We are scalable. Many productions need an essential 12 person crew to meet a deadline, pull of perfect makeup, dress a set and light two scenes at the same time. We work with many of most talented crew available in Colorado on a regular basis. On the other hand, some projects only need a 3 man “discovery team” that can travel light and fast, covering a lot of ground. Our scalability allows us to size our productions accordingly to your needs.

We’re based in Denver, but ready to travel worldwide for your production! Contact us today for a free consultation!

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