Top Quality Video Production based in Denver Colorado.

Denver Video Production


Passion Driven Production

Designing captivating video productions is what we do here at James Drake Films. We offer a long diverse list of productions that have taken us from Denver to the farthest reaches of the world to tell stories of individuals, companies, groups, and products. Our teams have been putting their creative juices into practice for over 10 years and are at the ready to bring our best to your production.


International Video Quality

We don't hide behind expensive equipment, but we do invest in video production equipment as a means to better serve our clients with the best available technologies and products. We never stop learning about the latest available technology, techniques, and offerings. We continue to invest in key equipment that makes your production more cost effective and pushes stories to the next level.


Denver Based. Worldwide Ready.

While we're based in Denver Colorado, we work anywhere in the world to make your production come to life. We have extensive experience traveling and have a grip truck and mobile studio offering that allows us to bring a vast number of tools to every production with ease.
Denver Video Production


We feel that we are an excellent choice based in Denver as a video production company for your business. We never stop looking for opportunities to create amazing work that stuns our clients and makes a powerful impact on the audiences. We do this on every production, big or small. It's our passion. It's what we do. Let us create for you today. Let's Make Amazing.

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Tons of Equipment and Technique. Video Production Delivered.

Check out our gear page, all housed in a Sprinter Grip Truck ready to craft high quality production anywhere!

Colorado ZR2 Production

Skyhawks Basketball TVC

IronCross Automotive

Denver Broncos pre-Superbowl

The Fall at Lost Valley

Colorado Flat Fee TV Spot

James Drake Films is a Denver Video Production company that offers artistry and edge for your production.
Having shot hundreds of productions in Denver and many elsewhere, we offer a long list of diverse experiences along with an exceptional network
of professionals to organize, construct and execute your ideas into a high quality and captivating piece. James Drake Films has worked with network TV,
multinational corporations, and named video producers as well as sole proprietors and small businesses. Whether you're looking to make narrative films, documentaries, commercials,
training videos, or otherwise, this is the place to help you do it. Contact us today, let's make amazing.